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Volume 4 ISSUE 2 Published AUGUST 2022

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1. Study of Molecular Diversity in Celosia argentea Cristata (L.) Mutants using RAPD Markers
  Abubakar, A., Falusi, A. O., Daudu, O. A. Y., Kolo, J. T., Salaudeen, J. A. and Chikwendu, C. S.

2. Effect of Insecticide Application Rates on Population Density of Orseolia oryzivora in Relation to its Parasitoids on Rice
Mohammed, I. G., Isong, A., Shama, A. M., Osipitan, A. A., Pitan, O. R. and Adigbo, S. O.

3. Kenaf Production as Affected by Two Pre-emergence Herbicides in Sudano-Sahelian Region of Nigeria
Bukar, S., Kajidu, Y. B., Bassi, J. A. and Aliyu, I.

4. Effect of Anchor Borrowers’ Programme on the Income of Smallholder Maize Farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria
Bello, M. A., Ojo, B. J. and Olalere, I. T.

5. Application of Receptor Models on Surface Water Quality and Source Apportionment
Yunusa, A., Abdulrahman, N. and Anumiri, C.

6. Genetic Variance, Heterosis and Correlation for Yield and Fibre Quality in Four F1 Cotton Hybrids
Isong, A., Vinothini, N., Bhavyasree, R., Eze, J. N., Mohammed, I. G., Ekaete, J., Dachi, S. N., Gbadeyan S. T., Aremu, P. A. and Onyia, K. C.

7. Yield Performance and Stability Analysis of Some Fonio (Digitaria exilis) lines in Nigeria
 Isong, A., Dachi, S. N., Umar, F. A., Mamza, W. S., Aliyu, U., Bakare, S. O., Danbaba, N., Ishaq, M. N., Mohammed, I. G., Bake, J., Mumeen, A. Y., Okeme, S. and Onotugoma, E.

8. Germplasm Collection and Stakeholder Identification for Castor (Ricinus communis L.) in Nigeria
Salihu, B. Z.*, Eze, J. N., Nwosu, D. J., Apuyor, O. B., Kolawole, O. S., Kabaraini, M. A., Salahu, M. S., Ajadi, A. A., Ehirim, B. O., Gbadeyan, S. T., Mumeen, A. Y., Ajaye, O. F., Olaniyan, O. B., Umar, F., Adesanya, F. O. and Tanimu, A. M.

9. Climate Change Impact on Agriculture and Water Resources – A Review
Eze, J. N., Salihu, B. Z., Isong, A., Musa, M., Aliyu, U., Ibrahim, P. A., Gbanguba, A. U., Ayanniyi, N. N., Alfa, M., Aremu, P. A., Ekaette, J. E., Olaniyan, B. O. and Okachi, M. O.

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