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Volume 3 ISSUE 3 Published DECEMBER 2021

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1. Effects of Ginger and Garlic on the Proximate and Mineral Compositions of Differently Processed Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
  Gana, A. B., Yusuf, D. U., Ibrahim, R., Bake, G. G., Iriobe, T., Jega, I. S. and Abubakar, F. N.

2. Estimates of Heritability and Genetic Advance for Yield Components of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) under Drought Stress Conditions
Sheidu, A., Igyuve, T. M. and Ochigbo, A. E.

3. Assessment of Safety Measures and Costs Effect of Herbicide Usage among farmers in Mokwa Local Government Area, Niger State)
Tiamiyu, S. A., Ahmed, B. S., Alawode, V. O. and Waribugo, S. C.

4. Wheat and White Sorghum Supernatants as Alternatives to Calotropis procera Extract in Making Cheese
Ayanniyi, N. N., Adeyemi, S. A., Gbanguba, U. A., Akinleye, S. B., Alfa, M., Eze, J. N., Umar, A. and Salihu, B. Z.

5. Growth and Chevon Characteristics of Indigenous Breeds of Goat (Buck) in Nigeria
Ayanniyi, N. N., Olusola, O. O., Adeyemi, S. A., Akinleye, S. B., Alfa M., Eze, J. N., Umar A. and Ajadi, A. A.

6. Assessment of Household Food Security Status of Extension Services Beneficiaries in Obio Akpo and Emuoha LGAs in Rivers State, Nigeria
Onyenkazi, H. A. and Olaniyan, O. B.

7. Prevalence and Distribution of Weed Flora in Some Major Sugarcane Growing Areas of Southern Guinea Savanna, Nigeria
 Bassey, M. S., Olaniyan, O. B., Audu, S. A., Eze, J. N., Gbadeyan S. T. and
Olawuyi, T. O.

8. Demand Preference of Consumers as a Catalyst for Local Rice Supply in Niger State
Dauda, S. N., Hadiza, A. B., Isaac, Y., Manko, A., Usman, B., Abubakar, H. N. and Chigbo, C. F.

9. Effect of Agricultural Extension Services in Minimizing Post-Harvest Losses of Yam Produce in Benue State, Nigeria
Ahungwa, J. I., Odiaka, E. C. and Ahungwa, G. T.

10. Evaluation of AV-5055 as Seed Dresser in Lowland Rice Production
Mohammed, I. G., Bashiru, M., Gbadeyan, S. T., Ehirin, B., Bakare, S. O., Aliyu, U., Isong, A., Ajaye, O. F. and Shema, A. M.

11. Assessment of Food Security and Livelihood Status of Rural Households Adopting Improved Rice Varieties in Kwara and Niger States of Nigeria
Usman, N. S., Tsado, J. H., Salihu, I. T., Ajayi, O. J., Aliyu, U., Pelemo, J. J., Alhassan, I. L., Isah, K. H., and Jibrin, S.

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