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Volume 3 ISSUE 2 Published June 2021

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1. Screening of Some Rice Germplasm for Resistance to Leaf Blast and Brown Plant Hopper
 Mbe, J. O ., Isong A., Ahmed, A. and Saraswathi, R.

2. Pollen Viability and Germinability of Gamma Irradiated M4 Lines of Sesame
Audu, M. A. I., Falusi, O. A., Muhammad, M. L., Daudu, O. A. Y. and Abubakar, A.

3. Effect of Some Chemical Mutagens on Nutrient Compositions of Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam)
Orji, I. E., Eka, M. J. and Okocha, P. I.

4. Effects of Seed Coating Agents on Some Agronomic Properties and Rhizobacterial Population of Vigna unguiculata
Aborisade, W. T., AbdulSalam, Z. B. and Abdulmumini, S. A.

5. Assessment of Vulnerability of Rice farmers to Climate Variability in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria A Vulnerability Composite Index Approach
Ocheni, B. A.,  Ndanitsa, M. A., Baba, K. M. and Ojo, M. A.

6. Rainfall Variability and its Impact on Crop Production in Niger State, Nigeria
 Eze, J. N., Salihu, B. Z., Gbanguba, U. A., Alfa, M., Ayanniyi, N. N., Ekaette, J. E. and Olaniyan, B. O.

7. Genetic Variance, Heritability and Number of Effective Genes for Spike Characters in Castor (Ricinus communis L.)
 Salihu, B. Z., Eze, J. N., Umar, F., Ajadi, A. A., Tanimu, A. M., Apuyor, B. O., Kabaraini, M. A., Ishaq, M. N.  and Salahu, M. S.

8. Assessment of Agricultural Land Use Systems for Soil Fertility Maintenance
Folarin, M. T., Adeyemo, A. J., Elumalero, G. O., Olalekan, O. J., Apenah, M. O. Ogunbela, A. A., Ajayi, O. K., Onasanya, A. K. and Agboola, J. O.

9. Genetic Variance Components in Cotton by Generation Mean Analysis
Isong, A., Balu, A., Ahmed, A., Mbe, J. O., Mohammed, I. G., Isong, C., Vinothini, N. and Gbadeyan, S. T.

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