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Volume 3 ISSUE 1 Published JANUARY 2021

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1. Analysis of Resource Use Efficiency of Sesame Production in Hong Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria
 Bernard, H., Tahir, A. D., Alkali, H. M. and Ojo, C. O.

2. Marker Assisted Gene Pyramiding for Bacterial Blight Resistance in Some Improved Rice Genotypes
Ahmed, A., Ramalingam, J., Isong, A., Mala, K. K. and Mbe, J. O.

3. Effects of Niger State Rice Investment Consortium on Income of Smallholder Rice Farmers in Niger State, Nigeria
Ndanitsa, M. A., Umar, I. S., Alhassan, H. A. and Dauda, M.

4. Comparative Economic Analysis of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Grain Yield of Tropical Maize Varieties
Lawal, O. O., Yusuf, T. M., Aliyu, O. M., Olowoake, A., Subair, S. K. and Nofiu, N. B.

5. Effects of Sowing Date and Fungicide on Seedling Establishment of Pearl Millet Genotypes Infected with Downy Mildew Disease
Sheriff, H. H., Gurama, A. U. Aliyu, M., and Ahmed, A.

6. Evaluation of Water Quality Index of River Musa for Drinking Purpose in Bida, Nigeria
 Abubakar, Y. and Abdulrahman, N.

7. Viruses Infecting Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.) in Nigeria
 Musa, A., Alegbejo, M. D., Kashina, B. D., Abraham, P., and Mohammed, I. U.

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