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Volume 2 ISSUE 1, July 2020

1. Response of Water Melon (Citrullus lanatus L.) Varieties to Different Time of Poultry Manure Application (1-7) 
Abdulmaliq, S. Y., Kumar, N., Adekola, O. F., Kareem, I. and Mahamood, J.

2. Annual Population Structure of the Bactrocera dorsalis in Southern Guinea Savannah of Nigeria (8-16)
Danjuma, S., Abdulmaliq, S. Y., Abdulhazeez, M., Mustapha, M. and Ndadama, M.

3. A Study on Grain Quality of Some Improved Rice Varieties in Nigeria (17-27)  
Danbaba N., Bakare S. O., Bashir, M., Ehirim, B., Mohammed, A., Abdulkadir, A. N., Chinma, C. E., Badau, M. H., Idakwo, P. Y., Danbaba, M. K., Kolo, I. N., Aliyu, U. and Odoba, A.

4. Dissemination of Rice Production Technologies in Adopted Villages of National Cereals Research Institute, Badeggi (28-36)
Abubakar, H. N., Sheriff, A. B., Koloche, M. I., Adzenga, J. I. and Gbanguba, A.U.

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