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Volume 1 issue 1, July 2019

1. Agronomic Performance and Genotype × Environment Interaction of some Hybrid Rice in Nigeria (01-07) 
Bashir, M., Ehirim, B. O., Isong, A., Ejiro, O., Odoba, A., Hadiza, A. B. and Aliyu, U.

2. Assessment of Genetic Diversity using Morphological and Molecular Markers in Some Cotton Cultivars (08-21)
Isong, A., Balu, A., Salihu, B. Z., Isong, C. and Bamishaiye, E.

3. Identification of Superior Donor Parents for Earliness and other Yield Component Traits in Castor (22-33)  
Salihu, B. Z., Yusuf, I. A., Ajadi, A. A., Apuyor, B. O., Kabaraini, M. A.and Ishaq, N. M.

4. Genetic Study on Inheritance of Agro-morphological Traits in Rice (Oryza glaberrimaSteud.) Germplasm (34-39)
Bashir, M., Gana, A. S., Maji, A. T. and Falusi, O. A.

5. Enhancing Germination, Growth and Development of Bitter Bush Mango (Irvingia wombolu) through Cold Storage and Growing Media (40-44)
Alaje, V. I., Oyedeji, O. F., Alaje, M. A., Nola, M. O. and Adeniyi, K. K.

6. Application of Eco-Engineering Approach for Management of Rice Yellow Mottle Virus (RYMV) in Lowland Rice Ecology (45-57)
Onwughalu, J. T., Abo, M. E., Nwankiti, A. O. and Okoro, J. K.

7. Habitat Management Influence of Orseolia oryzivora and its Parasitoids on Rice (58-65)
Mohammed, I. G., Osipitan, A. A., Pitan, O. R. and Adigbo, S. O.

8. A Survey on epidemiology of virus diseases of Beniseed (Sesamunindicum L.)in Northern Nigeria (66-73)
Abo, M. E., Afolabi, A. S., Ayodele, M. and Onwughalu, J. T.

9. Determination of Ideal Culture Media for Optimal Mycelia Growth of Rice Blast Pathogen (Magnaporthe Oryzae) (74-81)
Aremu, M. B.,Adebola, M. O., Gambari, G. O., Ajayi, H. O. and Abdullaih, K. K.

10. Pre-Harvest Yield Loss and its Effect on Profitability of Upland Rice Production in Nigeria (82-87)
Tiamiyu, S. A., Bashir, M., Alawode, V. O., Ugalahi, U. B. and Mohammed, I. G.

11. Effectiveness and Community Based Organization of Fish Processors in Kogi State, Nigeria (88-97)
Jibrin, S., Olaleye, R. S., Umar, I. S., Ajayi, O. J. and Abubakar, M. B.

12. Assessment of Participation of Women in Yam Production in Paikoro, Nigeria (98-106)
Jibrin, S., Usman, N. S., Loko, A. I., Mshelizer, R. J. and Kolawole, M. T.

13. Effects of Interest Rate Deregulation on the Growth of Nigerian Agricultural Sector (107-112)
Opaluwa, D., Ocheni, B. A., Dauda, S. N. and Adewale, G. A.

14. Extent of Integration of Markets for Some Agricultural Commodities in Nigeria (113-118)
Sule, B. A., Adedeji, S. O. and Ocheni, B. A.

15. Nutraceutical Benefits of Sesame: A Case for Increase in Utilization and Value Addition in Nigeria (119-126)
Umar, M. I., Yusuf, A. F., Apuyor, B. O., Kabaraini, M. A. and Shehu, M.

16. Effects of Induced Ageing on Metabolic Enzymes in Castor Seed Accessions (127-135) 
Apuyor, B. O., Akanya, H. O., Adeyemi, H. R. Y., Egwim, E. C.,Umar, I., Kabaraini, M. A., Osssaimalu, F., Mohammed, A.,Abdulkadir, N., Afolayan, O. A. and Yusuf I. A

17. Heat-Induced Food Toxicants: A Critical Review (136-141)
Umar, M. I., Yusufu, A. E., Mohammed, A., Abdulkadir, A. W. and Kolo I. N.

18. Effects of Natural Fermentation Time on the Nutritional, Functional and Objective Color Characteristics of Soybean Condiment (Soy-Dawadawa) (142-150)
Danbaba, N., Mohammed, A., Abdulkadir, A. N., Saidu, M., Chinma, E., Kolo, I. N., Idakwo, P. Y. and Badau, M. H.

19. Development of Moringa Oliefera Seed Decorticating Machine (151-161)
Abubakar, M., Ethan, S., Baba, N., Abdullahi, L. and Ibrahim, T.

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